International Survivors of Suicide Day Panelist Interviews

AFSP is proud to introduce the six survivors who thoughtfully and gracefully shared their stories for this year's program. View short interviews with each of the panelists, as well as AFSP Medical Director Christine Moutier, for an introduction to their stories and share these clips with anyone who might be interested in International Survivors of Suicide Day.

Geraldine Unger lost her husband, Mark, to suicide in 2009.

Theresa Castillo's brother, Christopher, died by suicide in 2004. 

In 2008 Al Estock lost his partner of 22 years, Warren.

Wayne Gagnon's son, Joseph, died by suicide in July of 2002. 

Edmond Yomtoob is a survivor of his mother, Farideh Yomtoob’s, suicide.

Elisia Triggs lost her son, Jay, to suicide in 2009. 

Christine Moutier is the Medical Director for AFSP.