About Our Chapter

Welcome. We are the Alabama chapter of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

The grassroots work we do focuses on eliminating the loss of life from suicide by: delivering innovative prevention programs, educating the public about risk factors and warning signs, raising funds for suicide research and programs, and reaching out to those individuals who have lost someone to suicide.  

As a part of AFSP’s growing nationwide network of chapters, we bring together people from all backgrounds who want to prevent suicide in our communities. Families and friends who have lost someone to suicide, vulnerable individuals, mental health professionals, clergy, educators, students, community/business leaders, and many others energize our chapter.

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Alabama Chapter Board of Directors

The Alabama Chapter was officially chartered in June of 2008.The Chapter serves the state of Alabama in its entirety  The primary role of our chapter is to serve our communities by bringing the programs and services offered from the Foundation's national office to the local level. To do this, we invite participation in our work by individuals, nonprofit organizations, corporations and others impacted by depression and suicide.

Sadly, in Alabama in 2011, 640 lives were lost to suicide, and it is the 11th leading cause of death in our state. Although we do not provide direct client services, we are working very hard in the areas of research, education, awareness, public policy, and survivor programs. Through these programs, it is the hope of the Alabama Chapter to see suicide rates decline in our community. 

The Chapter is led by its Board of Directors, which is comprised of survivors, mental health professionals, business leaders and first responders. The Chapter activities include: statewide education and prevention programs, awareness events, public advocacy, interaction with the research community, assist in the startup process of survivor support groups, and coordinate fundraising efforts. We could only accomplish this through the participation of invaluable volunteers and partnerships with generous corporations and fellow nonprofits. 

Please consider joining us in this movement: Together we can make a difference.

Lisa Holman, Area Director of the Alabama Chapter of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, introduces the mission and objectives of the Alabama Chapter, presents suicide statistics and invites viewers to join the movement to prevent suicide.