AFSP Reaches Out to VP Biden as White House Addresses Mental Health Issues and Firearm Safety in Wake of Newtown Tragedy


AFSP Reaches Out to VP Biden

On Jan. 14, AFSP sent a letter offering its support and expertise to Vice President Joe Biden, who is working with members of the Administration, Congress, and the stakeholder groups to come up with a set of concrete proposals that will improve the identification and treatment of mental disorders and prevent at-risk individuals from harming themselves—and in the case of Newtown, others as well.

To more effectively identify and treat the underlying mental disorders and the compounding life stressors that can lead to such a tragic loss of life, AFSP recommended to the vice president action in four specific areas: Education, Outreach and Training; Access to Affordable Mental Health Care; Safe Schools; and Means Restriction.

AFSP also recommended that funding be included in the upcoming budget for the National Violent Death Reporting System, which provides a better understanding of the circumstances surrounding violent deaths—including suicide—and helps public officials and organizations put into place effective prevention policies and programs.