AFSP to Cosponsor International Conference on Suicide

IASR World Congress to Take Place June 10–13 in Montreal


From research to practice

The International Academy for Suicide Research, the Quebec Suicide Research Network and AFSP are pleased to announce the 2013 IASR World Congress on Suicide to be held in Montreal, Canada, on June 10–13.

The purpose of this conference will be to share key research findings on suicide causation, prevention and treatment, as well as to investigate promising new interventions that will help identify and encourage effective suicide prevention efforts on a global level.

The theme of the congress is "Suicide: From Research to Practice." Some of the issues that will be discussed include:

  • Bullying and Suicide
  • New Perspectives in Clinical Interventions
  • National Suicide Prevention Strategies: The Evidence
  • The Neuroscience of Suicide
  • Suicidal Behavior in LGBT Populations
  • Internet and Suicide
  • Suicide in Aboriginal Populations
  • Childhood Maltreatment and Suicide Risk
  • Imaging the Suicide Brain
  • Suicide in the Army
  • eHealth Strategies for Suicide Prevention and Intervention

Besides a number of plenary sessions that will discuss contemporary issues on suicide research, avenues for suicide prevention and innovative ways to intervene on suicidal behavior, there will be submitted symposiums, oral presentations and posters. Other sessions will offer unique opportunities for engaged dialogue between researchers and clinicians, stakeholders and decision-makers, promoting both translation of research findings to practice, as well as informing research direction by clinical and prevention needs.

Speaking at the congress will be a number of representatives from AFSP's scientific community, including Dr. Ann Haas (AFSP Senior Director of Education and Prevention), Drs. J. John Mann, Maria Oquendo and David Shaffer (AFSP Scientific Council), and Drs. Gregory Brown, Madelyn Gould, David Gunnell, Navneet Kapur, Murad Khan, Matthew Miller, Rory O'Connor, Jane Pearson, Jane Pirkis, Katherine Shear, Larry Siever and Barbara Stanley (AFSP Scientific Advisors).

The congress is open to researchers, clinicians, survivors of suicide loss, students, policy makers and anyone concerned about the problem of suicide. For more information, go to