Our Education and Prevention Programs

Our efforts to prevent suicide begin with increasing public and professional awareness of suicide as a mental health and public health problem.

Our innovative educational materials help teachers, parents, youth, and community leaders to understand suicide risk factors and warning signs, and support their efforts to assist those at risk for suicide to get the help they need.

We also collect and disseminate the latest research on suicide causation and prevention to physicians and mental health professionals so that they may more easily recognize and reduce suicide risk. And we work to reduce the stigma that deters so many people from seeking help.

AFSP seeks to reduce suicide and suicide attempts by developing and implementing our own innovative approaches to suicide prevention.

Programs for Teens and Young Adults

  • More Than Sad: Teen Depression
  • After a Suicide: A Toolkit for Schools
  • Suicide Shouldn’t be a Secret PSAs
  • The Truth about Suicide: Real Stories of Depression in College

Community Programs

  • Involving Families in LGBT Youth Suicide Prevention
  • Depression and Bipolar Awareness: From Diagnosis to Remission
  • Living with Bipolar Disorder
  • Billboard Program

Programs for Professionals

  • More Than Sad: Suicide Prevention Education for Teachers and other School Personnel
  • Physician and Medical Student Depression and Suicide
  • LGBT Suicide and Suicide Risk: From Knowledge to Prevention
  • Best Practices Registry for Suicide Prevention (BPR)