Our Researchers

AFSP helps researchers who explore new directions in suicide research.

Research is key to AFSP’s mission of understanding and preventing suicide, and our Suicide Research Grants Program is focused on innovative studies that specifically address suicide. By investing in researchers dedicated to our shared goal, we move forward on our path toward prevention.

AFSP supports the efforts of researchers exploring new directions in suicide research. Our researchers range from newly-graduated postdoctoral fellows to distinguished investigators in their fields. Since our founding in 1987, AFSP's research mission has grown in geographic scope, with recently supported projects in Puerto Rico, Canada, England, Australia, Sweden, and China.

Our researchers are listed below. If you would like to find out more about the types of grants AFSP funds, click here.

Focus Grants

Focus Grants are innovative, high-risk, potentially high-yield projects that focus on a specific area of suicide prevention.

Neurobiological Studies

Neurobiological studies seek to understand the structures, neurochemical functions and behaviors of the brain in relation to suicide by studying the brains of people who died by suicide, using brain-imaging techniques and examining animal behavior.

Genetic Studies

Genetic studies focus on understanding genetic pathways that lead to the development of risk for suicide and the identification of potential biological interventions and treatments.

Psychosocial Studies

Psychosocial studies identify areas for intervention, minimizing risk and building barriers to suicide.

Clinical Treatment Studies

Clinical treatment studies test treatments to demonstrate effectiveness for helping people with suicidal ideation and behavior.

Community Intervention Studies

Community intervention studies are directed at the greater community, investigating universal prevention programs like hotlines, gatekeeper training and community-based programs in hospitals, schools and universities with special emphasis on program safety and effectiveness.

Survivor Studies

Survivor studies seek to discover what helps people adapt to their grief including those who suffer intense, prolonged grief.